headstart_icon  OUR HEAD START PROGRAM

We seek to help children to live as children. We stress helping them use their innate curiosity in a discovery method of learning.



To be recognized by our families, the community, the government and child development experts as the nation’s best provider of child and family development services and a leader in the community action movement.


To become the most comprehensive provider of preschool services to eligible families within Central City utilizing innovative curriculum and creative management resources.


The overall goal of the Central City EOC Head Start Program is to provide comprehensive developmental programs to children from low-income families that involve the environment, experiential learning, physical health and well-being; mental, social and emotional health; economic self-sufficiency.

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Head Start Program Philosophy

“A child can benefit most from a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program to foster development and remedy problems as expressed in a broad range of services…The family, which is perceived as the principle influence on the child’s development, must be a direct participant in the program.” Head Start Program Performance Standards (45-CFR 1304)

Central City Head Start seeks to help children to live as children; stressing the use of their innate curiosity in a discovery method of learning. We build on firsthand experience and demonstrate that opportunities for creative knowledge do not fall into separate compartments, and that work and play are not opposite but complimentary. We value parents as indispensable partners in our tasks.

Children learn through activity.  They learn by becoming personally involved, by using language to label things, to describe and recall things and to help store information. We create situations that will give children opportunities to learn for themselves by providing a rich environment integrated with their needs and interests that becomes a basis for learning. It is curiosity that motivates learning and learning is ultimately measured by a change in behavior that persists, independent of growth or maturation.

We believe in children and families.  The Central City EOC Head Start Program provides children with activities that help them grow mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. Our staff offers children love, acceptance and understanding, along with the opportunity to learn and experience success. Our children socialize, solve problems, and enjoy experiences that bolster self-confidence, while enhancing listening and speaking skills.
Hence, the Head Start child leaves the program more prepared for school, excited about learning and ready to succeed.

General Information

Our center is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Social Services, Bureau of Licensing. Total enrollment for the center is 166. Enrollment is ongoing during the school year, with waiting list placements offered. Federal regulations mandate income requirements, which must be documented via: current pay stubs or benefit statements and/ W-2’s.

Central City EOC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, handicapping condition or ancestry and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Central City Head Start is a delegate agency of Total Community Action, Inc.